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Apr 03 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Development Class – Healing

Development Class – Healing

When:                  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, Sunday, April 3, 2022

Where:                 Sleep Inn, 5 King Arthur Drive, Niantic, CT

Instructor:           Reverend Rich Terpe, OM, CM

All are welcome.  Attendees will learn the attributes of magnetic healing versus spiritual healing.  The class will cover how to bring in the energy from spirit and how healing relates to mediumship.  Those who wish to participate as a healer during services must complete this training which does cover the legal considerations and the dos and don’ts of healing in the Spiritualist Church.

Definition of a Spiritual Healer

A Spiritualist Healer is one who, either through one’s own inherent powers or through mediumship, is able to impart vital, curative force to pathologic conditions.

A Spiritualist Healer works with the spirit, mind, emotions, and the body of the recipient. A Spiritualist Healer is aware that once stress is removed from the mind and emotions, the body will respond naturally. This brings about holistic healing in the patient.

Spiritualist Healers acknowledge the importance of the medical community and work in cooperation with it at all times. Spiritualism recognizes that the medical community is an instrument of healing of the Infinite. (National Spiritualist Association of Churches, 2022)

The course is free; recommended donation is $5.00.

About the Instructor:

Reverend Rich Terpe is an NSAC Certified Medium and has been an Ordained Minister since 2013.  He has been serving churches since 2012.  Rev. Terpe continues to read and study subjects that pertain to Spiritualism and spirituality and shares his knowledge and experiences to help others on their spiritual path.

NLSC Sunday Service:  Development class attendees are welcome to attend the New London Spiritualist Church service which begins at 10:00 am, same location.

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